About Us

Chartered by the state of South Carolina in 1983, South Carolina Research Authority, SCRA, is a public, non-profit corporation that fosters and enriches South Carolina's innovation economy.

SCRA was created by the South Carolina Legislature and given a one-time founding grant of $500,000 and 1,400 acres of undeveloped land. In order to successfully execute its mission and remain self-sustaining, SCRA uses income from its government contracting affiliate and funds from the Industry Partnership Fund to further technology-based economic growth in the state.

Our vision is to enhance and improve the development and growth of the state's Innovation Economy -  creating jobs, furthering company growth and facilitating academic research and commercialization.

Industries of Focus

SCRA brings together the key players in innovation. By working in close alignment with academic institutions, entrepreneurs and industry, three key areas of focus have been defined: Life Sciences; Advanced Manufacturing & Materials; and Information Technology.

The Life Sciences industry is very diverse and ranges from pharmaceutical drugs, to medical devices, to agrobusiness. The framework of collaboration among SCRA, trade associations and academic institutions has helped the evolution of innovation in our Life Sciences industry.

South Carolina’s history and current successes in the Advanced Manufacturing & Materials industry make this a logical target for innovation. Encouraging collaboration with existing manufacturing powerhouses and emerging companies provides an ecosystem for growth.

Many Information Technology (IT) companies, both large and small, call South Carolina home. SCRA is participating in initiatives such as SC Cyber in order to develop and implement statewide strategies for this industry. 

These industry sectors align with the strengths of South Carolina’s workforce, institutional research and existing companies, and are the drivers of the Innovation Economy. It is when these industries intersect that there is the largest potential for innovation and economic growth.