SC Launch helped me form a life-science company based on university research.

Matt Gevaert, KIYATEC, Inc. CEO

The idea behind KIYATEC’s innovative 3D cell culture hardware came from research conducted at Clemson University. KIYATEC co-founders and Clemson Ph.D. graduates Matt Gevaert and David Orr saw that the technology had the potential to deliver more accurate predictions of patient response to drugs and biologics. They turned to SC Launch for early-stage funding to obtain the wet lab facilities necessary for product development. SC Launch invested in the company based on the commercial value of the technology and KIYATEC’s potential to contribute to South Carolina’s growing life sciences technology cluster.

Matt’s team has successfully moved the technology from an idea in the university to products in the marketplace. KIYATEC has focused its scope from initial development of 3D cell cultures to targeting diseases including ovarian, breast and lung cancers. In 2014 and 2015, KIYATEC was awarded approximately $3.75M in Phase I and II Small Business Innovation Research contracts from the National Cancer Institute.

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